Why Get Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a smile makeover to improve the appearance of stained, broken, or discolored teeth into the white smile that we all deserve. Simple plans can be used by dentists to improve a smile with many of them being life-changing, if not a bit expensive.

Various types of cosmetic dentistry exist, and while some can be chosen based on personal preference, others are dependent on the state of your teeth. These can be as simple as whitening the teeth, to as complex as surgery, but they will all give a big smile.

Types of cosmetic dentistry

Including teeth whitening via strips or rinses, other methods include:

·    Dental Veneers- Which are almost like coverings for the tooth, and cover the tooth’s front.

·    Dental Bonding- Putty that is attached to the tooth and then hardened like cement, and the dentist then aids in shaping it.

·    Implants- This is a tooth root that is inserted into the bone of a missing tooth and then left to be sealed inside before a replacement tooth is added inside.

Why get it?

It’s not a secret that almost all of the procedures are expensive, so why not just live with a gap tooth or a missing tooth? Aside from making people give a second glance at the mouth, it also has some health problems.

Trouble speaking, eating, and even the dynamics of your face will start to change and become apparent, especially if more than one tooth is missing, so it’s worth getting the problem fixed if a tooth is actually missing, otherwise, it’s just a confidence booster to have a big white smile!

Find a dentist near you

cosmetic dentistry in Brooklyn

Most dentist offices offer some form of cosmetic dentistry, with cosmetic dentistry in Brooklyn and other places gaining popularity in recent years, so if the teeth need cleaning, there’s no excuse to avoid a cosmetic dentist.